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Finger Lakes Wine at Sunset Contest

Kathy's wine in sunWe've noticed that many of our guests have a bit of fun trying to duplicate our wine glass in the sunset photo from our website. Kathy took the picture several years ago and it had a great feel, probably because it combined our love of Finger Lakes wine, with our love of Finger Lakes sunsets. In our eyes, its a winning combination (not so bad on our taste buds either). To further encourage fun, wine, and sunsets, we've come up with a yearly contest which is open to all our guests. We'll accept entries up until we close for the winter in December. The winning photo and caption will receive a free bottle of wine of your choice from a Lodi winery (up to $20 in value).

There's only a few rules:

  1. Entries are only accepted from past, present, or future guests with a reservation.
  2. Wine glass must be in a sunset picture. The sunset can be from anywhere, but the wine had better be from the Finger Lakes ;-)
  3. All entries must include a caption that tells what favorite Finger Lakes wine should be in the glass, where in the world the sunset is, and who submitted the image.
  4. Image must be sent either digitally or as a printed photo.
  5. Only one entry per couple. Please send us your best, because we don't want your worst ;-)

Click here to send your entry by email. Or just mail it to the address at the bottom of this page. Here are a some examples to give you inspiration:

Smokehouse Red, it brings good things to light. ~Steve & Kathy W. in the Finger Lakes

Silver Thread's Pinot Noir watching the sky fade to noir. ~ Steve & Kathy W. waiting for you to join them, in Lodi

Honey, the cat drank all my Red Cat!!! ~ Steve W. on Seneca Lake

Dr. Frank led everyone to see that good Finger Lakes wine was as inevitable as the setting sun. ~ Steve W. contemplating in an Adirondack chair on Seneca Lake


The day is gone, and so is my Red Legend. ~ Steve W. in Lodi NY

Here are the current 2005 Finger Lakes Wine at Sunset Contest entries:

Enjoying Cabin Fever, the Wine Country Cabins way on Seneca Lake. ~ Lori & Jerry B., White Lake, MI


Your entry needed here.

Please send us your entry.

Drinking a bottle (or two) of Standing Stone Riesling on Cape Cod on a warm September evening while dreaming of our return trip to Wine Country Cabins in 2006. ~ John & Patty and Mike & Maureen, Stillwater, NY


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