Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfast on Seneca Lake
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Relax - Seneca Lake Style - Tranquility in the Finger Lakes

Sure there are a lot of things to do on Seneca Lake and in the Finger Lakes region, but some days being on the lake is all about pure and simple Cat enjoying a sunset The waters of Seneca Lake have the hypnotic ability to draw stress and worries out of anyone. All that is involved is sitting back and staring out at the water and hillside backdrop. We have studied the effect closely and discovered that the effect works just as well if you are actively watching the water, or just passively watching it as you take in a good book. A good local wine or warm mug of coffee only deepens the effect. It all starts with nestling into an Adirondack chair to enjoy the afterglow of a wonderful breakfast. The next thing you know, your stress is gone and the sky is presenting you with an award winning sunset. You wonder where the day went, but the reality is you don't care.

Spectacular Sunsets

A sunset on Seneca Lake is an event not to be missed. Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate, but most of the time, regardless of the season, the sunsets are breathtaking. On calm days you even notice the silence as the animals pause to take in the natural beauty of it all. If you will be out to dinner during the sunset, we recommend that you dine at Logan Ridge, the Stonecat photo: Mesmerized dogCafe or Suzanne as they all face West and have perfect locations for viewing the sunset. Better yet, stay with us and view it from our deck or beachfront, and then head out for a late dinner.

A scientist would tell you that the reason for the incredible sunsets is the hill on the West side of the lake. It makes the Sun set before it reaches the level of the water. This causes more of the red light to be reflected off the water at an angle you can actually see. Add in the right amount of haze created by the evaporating photo: Magical Sunsetwater of Keuka Lake to the West and it is perfect for scattering the light to fill the sky as the sun sets. The final scientific and artistic marvel is the deep blue waters of the deepest of the Finger Lakes. Combine the deep blues, the scattering haze, and the great angle and you have the scientific making of a perfect sunset. Of course, we think that's a little too much information...we just think it's magic.

Bring some film and capture some of the magic for yourself. If you do, be sure to enter our yearly wine in sunset photography competition.



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